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No reason for an expensive Get Away Trip. Try our Signature Couple Massages with Private Sauna.

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  Body Treatment


Body Scrub       $75

Relax and feel your tension melt away while your skin is exfoliated and detoxified with choice of brown sugar, sea salt, green tea or coffee.

Milk Sugar Scrub         (20 min.)   $50

Series $400 / 6 times (10 minutes $35, 20 minutes $50)


Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap $75

Combining the detoxifying properties of sea algae and the exfoliating benefits of brewer’s yeast, this treatment provides metabolic stimulation of the skin.  This body wrap is ideal for cellulite treatment or augmenting a weight loss program.

Series $530 / 8 times

Detoxifying Mud Body Mask $75

Dead Sea Mud Wrap      $80

This relaxing mud wrap cleanses, calms, and nourishes the skin.  It also helps reduce water retention, joint pain, certain types of acne, eczema, psoriasis and damaged skin.

Series $610/ 8 times

Green Tea Body Wrap   $80

Brightening C Body Wrap $80

Milk Body Scrub, Facial & Massage        $150

A complete body scrub followed by a nutritious milk rinse, fresh cucumber facial mask and a marvelous massage. (Please come 30 minutes early for wet sauna.)

Series $900 / 8 times


Cellulite Body Contouring            $85

This natural wrapping process detoxifies the tissue and could lead to the loss of up to 14 inches with 8-Series (Weekly).

Series  $ 620 / 8 Times


Aqua Detox       $50

Detoxifies your body to improve blood circulation, immune function, sleep patterns and healing from injury or surgery.

Series $450 / 8 times


Microdermabrasion         $85

Reduce fine lines, acne scars and pore size while increasing firmness for younger-looking skin.


Beyond Tooth Whitening $195

The original premium-quality tooth whitening system.  Advanced light filtration system removes harmful heat and UV light.  Whiter, brighter teeth in just one hour!