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No reason for an expensive Get Away Trip. Try our Signature Couple Massages with Private Sauna.

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Modern Massage (50 min..) $70
Modern Massage (60 min..) $79
Modern Massage (90 min..) $110

A soothing massage that involves rhythmic & light pressure strokes to help relax the mind & body while increasing blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage (50 min/60 min./90min.) $70/$79/$110

A deep tissue massage involving vigorous pressure that helps alleviate muscle pain and restore structural balance.

Hot Stone massage (50 min/60 min./90min.) $70/$79/$110

Naturally formed, warm river stones are placed on top of and beneath your body to promote relaxation and healing during your massage.

Couples Massage (60 min.) $155
Couples Massage (50 min.) $150

Enjoy a massage with a friend or significant other by two therapists in the same room. (Appointment only)

Mother-To-Be Massage (60 min./90min.) $79/$110

This therapeutic massage promotes lymph drainage and blood circulation in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Chocolate Massage (50 min.) $80
Chocolate Massage (60 min.) $89

Chocolate is slowly poured over your body to nourish the skin and stimulate your soul. A shower and soothing chocolate cream massage will follow.

Beyond Luxurious Hot or Wet Sauna $20