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No reason for an expensive Get Away Trip. Try our Signature Couple Massages with Private Sauna.

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The Spa is quiet, relaxing place.  Please respect the privacy of other spa quests and their wishes to experience personal and complete tranquillity.

Arrive early before your scheduled appointment, give yourself more time if you want to relax in our hot or steam sauna area before your service.  If you arrive late you will deprive yourself of time set for your services.  Unfortunately, regardless when you arrive, your treatment must end on time, so the next guest is not delayed.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may have to reschedule your appointment for another time or lose the minutes you have set for your service.

Be sure to communicate any concerns, special needs, or questions to your therapist.

For maximum enjoyment and benefit, "give yourself up" to the experience.  Don't feel obligated to make conversation.

Expect to feel good, perhaps better than you felt in a long while.  Take time absorb and internalize the feeling.  Then re-enter your world in peaceful bliss.

Thank you,